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REMOTE HELP (e-consultations , online, & virtual psychology appointments)

Get remote psychological therapy for anxiety, depression and more...

I offer remote psychological therapy and these online sessions work.

With the wonders of modern technology, psychology appointments are available wherever you are.


From early in 2020, the world has been rocked by the Coronavirus Covid-19 disease. This has forced us to retreat to our homes, where we remained in lockdown for weeks – unless we had reason to go out for one of the few permitted reasons.


During the first few weeks, many of us learned how to communicate with others – for work, family or social reasons – through remote video programs such as Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Skype, FaceTime, WhatsApp and more. This was part of our adjustment to the lockdown situation. It helped us to connect better with some people that we had grown distant from, due to our busy lives and geographical barriers. Being stuck at home all day allowed us to consider how to remain or re-establish connections with others, joining people on communication platforms, using the technology available within our phones, tablets and laptops.


My psychology clinic rooms had to close to visiting clients. All my consultations were switched to  remote video calls. For many of my clients this required a bit of adjusting, as they were used to seeing me in-person at one of my clinics in London.


For me, this wasn’t such a big learning curve, as I have been offering remote appointments by video, or even simply by telephone, for over a decade.


Perhaps you are sceptical about remote therapy appointments. If so, you are not alone. Over the years my psychology colleagues have reacted varyingly to hearing (pre-Covid-19) that I worked remotely with patients. Some expressed surprise, wondering how it could work. Others have thought that it was a bit odd. Others – perhaps the more forward-thinking ones – have been curious about it and thinking about how it could work for them too.


Let me tell you, it works.


In my 17 years in the NHS as a Clinical Psychologist, I have been involved in the introduction of and evaluation of remote consultations for psychology services. I have also seen GPs in General Practice and other health professionals introduce them successfully. I know that the Coronavirus pandemic has forced many services to adapt over a short timeframe to deliver help remotely, often for the first time. Otherwise, people would miss-out on vital support.

remote psychological help e-consultation

12 advantages of remote online psychological therapy

My experience of conducting hundreds of psychological therapy e-consultations, over 10-years plus, has demonstrated that they work. Here are 12 advantages of online therapy:

  1. Psychological assessments conducted remotely are effective

  2. Remotely conducted psychological therapy, psychotherapy or psychological treatments are effective

  3. Therapists can connect therapeutically with their patients via remotely appointments

  4. Patients can make the necessary connection with their therapists remotely by e-consultation

  5. Resources can be exchanged by email between sessions

  6. Patients can get symptom reduction via psychology e-consultations

  7. Patients can recover from their psychological problems through e-consultations

  8. Patients can prefer remote appointments even if they can attend face-to-face appointments

  9. There is zero travel time (and cost) for patients to get to appointments

  10. Patients can remain in the comfort of their own home

  11. Patients can continue their psychological therapy by e-consultations when they are away from home, on the road for work or virtually anywhere

  12. Remote psychological therapy is accessible and convenient


I trust that you have got the message by now – psychological therapy is effective via remote methods or e-consultation. That’s why I offer these appointments.

psychological help therapy by Skype remo
Psychologist appointments sessions asses

The types of remote psychological therapy appointments offered

After testing-out various platforms and programs, I find that it is easiest to conduct psychotherapy by WhatsApp video call or Skype, as these programs are usually on everyone’s mobile phone, or free to download. Skype is available for free and works with any computer or tablet. Once we connect with each other, we are ready to go for your psychology appointment. This bypasses the need with other programs to send and enter unique passwords, codes or logins, which can create problems. If you prefer to use Zoom, we can use Zoom for our psychology appointments instead. If we need a back-up, this is the mobile phone. Although this is very rarely required. (It's always good to have a Plan B.)

Psychotherapy psychological help appoint
Psychological therapy by mobile video Wh

How to have successful psychological therapy remotely

If you are interested in receiving psychological help remotely, then here are my tips for how to have a successful psychological therapy remote / virtual / e-consultation:

  • Test your internet connection to see if it is good-enough for video calling (most mobile networks are fine if you don’t have Wi-Fi)

  • If using your mobile phone’s signal and data, ensure that you have enough data on your contract, so you don’t stung with an unexpectedly mobile phone bill

  • Stabilise - place your device (laptop, tablet or phone) on a stable platform

  • Stay put – resist the urge to walk around or move as your therapist will become a bit seasick.

  • Check the camera – give a quick check to see what your therapist will see, is your camera showing only the top half of your head and most of your ceiling?

  • Illuminate yourself – if you can, have more light in front of you, rather than behind you, otherwise you will be a dark silhouette and difficult to see

  • Do not disturb – turn off notifications on your device so you don’t get distracting notifications during your session

  • “I’m on a call” – if anyone is in your home (or wherever you are conducting your e-consultation from), tell them not to disturb you for an hour

  • Be prompt – be available at the agreed appointment time

  • Have a plan B – if your e-consultation isn’t started on time, know how to contact your psychological therapist

If you would like to get some psychological help remotely, then get in touch to book your psychology assessment appointment by Skype, Zoom, WhatsApp or telephone..

Alternatively, if you have any questions, then do get in touch.

Isn’t it time that you felt better?

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