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Health insurance

Aviva, AXA/PPP, Bupa, Vitality...?


If you have health insurance, I am recognised by most of the main health insurance providers for psychology assessment and treatment.


So, if you are covered by Aviva, AXA/PPP, Bupa, Vitality or similar for CBT or psychology assessments and treatment, then I should be able to offer you help that is covered by your health insurance provider.

"How do I see a CBT therapist or a Clinical Psychologist if I have health insurance?"

This can vary depending on the provider. Usually, you would:

  1. Give your health insurance provider a call

  2. Give them your membership number or policy number

  3. Tell them why you are wanting to see a psychologist or CBT therapist (a brief summary of the difficulties are you having and whether your GP has already written a referral - a referral is normally optional, rather than essential)

  4. Get authorisation for treatment (or sometimes this may be initially for an assessment) - this can be just a verbal confirmation or an authorisation code (to given to the therapist you see)

  5. Ask about your cover (an important question!) - how many sessions are funded or up to what amount, plus what excess, if any, you have to pay

  6. Get suggestions from your health insurance provider on who you should see (some names and contact details) or if you have found someone, give them the details of who you would like to see - me, or someone else who you have checked-out or had recommended to you)

  7. Contact who you may like to see, tell them about your health insurance cover, and see if you like the sound of them enough to book in an assessment

If you are ready now to take action to feel better, then get in touch via the contact and book page. Surely it's time. 

Aviva recognised cbt psychologist health insurance SE London
AXA PPP recognised cbt psychologist health insurance SE London
Bupa recognised cbt psychologist health insurance SE London
Vitality recognised cbt psychologist health insurance SE London
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