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Welcome to the London Psychology Clinic


At the London Psychology Clinic you can get psychological help for your difficulties in:

Therefore, whether you are in South East London, near or far, you can get professional quality Psychological Therapy for your problem.


Get in touch to see a Clinical Psychologist, with 20-years of experience of helping common psychological problems - anxiety, depression and more - that prevent you from living how you want to live.

Here's the process:

  1. Book a psychological assessment

  2. We develop an understanding what caused and what maintains your difficulties / problems

  3. We develop a treatment plan that addresses your area area of difficulty, the problems that are holding you back, so you feel better - sooner rather than later.

Who provides the help?

Dr Victor Thompson London Clinical Psych

Dr Victor Thompson, at the East Dulwich clinic consulting room

Feel better, happier.
Become less limited, freer.
Avoid less, engage more.
Get more from life.

The London Psychology Clinic is led by me, Dr Victor Thompson. My aim is to provide you with the skills to overcome, minimise or manage your difficulties, in the shortest period of time. Effective, practical, brief.

I am a Chartered Clinical Psychologist, with specialist skills in Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT). I trained within the NHS, working in the NHS as a qualified Clinical Psychologist between 2002-2019. I combined my work within the NHS with private practice for 15-years. Both roles have been rewarding, helping people to get more from life.

You can read more on my skills and experience on the About Dr VT page

Get help for the most common psychological problems 

The London Psychology Clinic is the go-to place to get effective treatment for:

For more about the clinics areas of expertise, visit the problems helped page.

Psychological help, based on CBT

The psychological treatments are mainly based on CBT. CBT is a practical and relatively short-term form of psychological therapy, that tackles the thinking, emotions and behaviour that are cause and maintain psychological difficulties. In short:

  • how you think influences how you feel and what you do

  • how you feel influences how you think and what you do

  • what you do influences how you feel and what you think

  • how you feel, think and what you do is linked you bodily sensations (e.g., lethargy if mood is low, or a racing heart if feeling anxious)

  • how you think, feel and what you do is linked to the situation you are in (e.g. giving a work presentation, receiving criticism from someone, lying in bed at night unable to go asleep...)

  • CBT helps us to understand the interactions between each of these areas, and helps us to find ways to change each area, to improve our lives in meaningful ways

Read more about CBT and my therapeutic approach here.

Or, if you have a question or want to book an assessment, then get in touch with me here.

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